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March 27 2013


Preparation for Update Android System

If you are using an Android version of previous to Icecream Sandwich and Jelly Bean and want to update your android system you have to be prepared to upgrade your android old versions with the new. There are many new features has been added in the updated version of the Android operating system and you have to follow the given steps before installation of the new version of Google’s OS. For latest updates and news about update operating system by Google visit androidpulse.com you can see here updated Jelly Bean 4.2.x updates.

1. Apps Cleans from Smartphone

Before the installation of the new version of Android OS but you have to clean up your apps that are not in use and for this purpose you have to get to the settings after that click on the Applications, then manage apps, now you find a button for the removal of the applications and you can remove any of  the apps which is not in your most common use and you don’t need these apps. This process will be helpful for potential for incompatibility, as well as your Smartphone’s space will be free for the update.

2. Apps Updates

There are many apps that are not in your use, but you need them for several times and you don’t want to update these apps automatically. For this purpose you have to manually run the android market apps and check for the updates for the apps installed on your Smartphone. There are many apps that would give some error or cause of the a bug in the OS. If you have any of these apps updates installed primary will help get rid of any possible harms downward the way.

3. Back Up Your Apps and Data

Sometimes people forget to get the backup of their important data when they started to upgrade their operating system so it is quite possible you would lost your important apps or files that you don’t want to keep in your phone. Before updating your android system you have to make sure that you have taken then a backup of your phone’s data.

4. Make Your Device Happy

Once you get back up and make sure you have uninstalled and remove unnecessary data and apps from your Smartphone now you are able to install a new version of the latest android systemon your Smartphone and enjoy your ride with your device. www.androidpulse.com/ would one of the favorite site for you in order provide quality information about Android OS. 

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